WorxS for users

Everybody can lock a WorxS collateral of 500 WORX in their WORX wallet (the coins always stay under full control of the user) or use
the collateral of a masternode to register on the website. Our system monitors this collateral and makes sure that it doesn`t get moved or stakes.
As long as it is locked, the user is eligible to participate in the WorxS program.
To register for a coin in the WorxS program, the user needs to download the respective coin wallet and then follow
a few simple instructions to register an address in WorxS. After the address has been validated the user will receive their share of the coin rewards.

Light membership

Without a locked WORX collateral you can register for 1 partner coin.

Benefits for users

  • There is no risk involved for WorxS users, their collateral is always under their full control. They can always stop participating by just moving their collateral.
  • An easy method of getting to know new coins.
  • Participation is practically free.

  • WorxS for coin teams

    Coin teams that want to share their new projects and coins with a wide audience can participate very easily in WorxS.
    Their coin wallet will be added to our system, and the coin team gets an address. We recommend that the coin teams host
    one or more masternodes and sends the rewards via MultiSend to their WorxS coin address. The coins will be distributed
    to all users that have downloaded and validated the coin address. 3% of the coins will be sent to a WorxS address and
    be used for maintenance of the service.

    Benefits for coin teams

  • Users have to download the coin wallet to participate and support the network
  • If a masternode is used for WorxS, then there is practically no cost
  • A dedicated chat, announcement channel and info channel in the WorxS Discord

  • Current statistics

  • 13 Coins in the WorxS program
  • 12 Partner Coins in the WorxS program
  • 0 new Coins being added to the WorxS program

  • Users
  • Super Members (registered for all coins)
  • 72 Full Members (772 registered addresses)
  • 322 Light Members
  • 2426 Interested Users (that have not yet registered)